Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sophie is 8month1... and 1 day

Yesterday Sophie was 8 month old! I can't believe how big she is getting. On Sunday night Matt and I walk over to Cory and Ton's to pick up Sophie and walk over to Kellie's. (yes out house is walking distance from all of them :) I walk in and Sophie is in her cute bear outfit, she sees me and reaches out so I will pick her up. I had just eaten a small candy bar and I must of still smelt like it because she put her face really close to mine a couple of times and then tried to lick me! Tonya and I just started laughing and then she giggled too! So cute...even if she looks like her Dad.


  1. she is adorable and looks so much like cory!!!

  2. She really is so cute! And yes I agree wow does she ever look like Cory! Tonya, I am sure though she gets her cuteness from you as well ;)

  3. i don´t think i´ve ever seen daniel smile like that. good job, sophia!