Monday, September 26, 2011

A morning spent at the farmers market

This past Saturday morning, my Mom, Sister, Corbin and I went to the Issaquah Farmers Market. For some reason farmers markets are magical places to me, where you can get amazing fresh food, unique gifts all by the people who either grew or hand made my new treasures. I love being able to talk with people who are passionate about what they are doing and can actually make good recommendation on what to buy. As I walk around the venders I always wonder why I don't make it out more and I wish that we had a good farmers market year round.
As soon as we arrived we ordered wood fired Margarita Pizza that we stuffed our self's on. We walked around Corbin and I tried on hats, he is such a good sport. One problem is that most little people hats do not fit him very well. We both end up with new hats. My mom found the one thing at the farmers market that would not fit in or on top of my new mommy mobile...a huge wooden table. Shelby got us shaved ice cones that hit the spot once the sun came out. Our mouths were stained blue for the rest of the day. My mom got a cup of just ice no blue and Corbin ended up eating most of it. Matt had to work that morning but was able to meet us for lunch.
       It was cold when we left the house so I dressed Corbin for a snow storm. As the day went on he had less and less clothes on. He also has had a runny nose most of the week. I thought he was at the tale end of it only to wake up Sunday morning to a very unhappy snotty little man.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A day at the cabin

 We spend yesterday and yesterday night up at the cabin. We swam, ate way too much and the boys hunted bees. The weather was amazing, beautifully warm during the day and then cooled off during the night.

This is what kind of mood he wakes up in everyday, happy.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

summer 2011

Just got out of the pool, air drying

Taking a bath

This is what Corbin does on our bike rides, sleeps in his little trailer

Not sure how he did this

I love this, even though he dosnt look like he is enjoying the pool he loves it

On a walk with Ashia, Hailey and Maggie

At the zoo with Danielle and Grandma

Before a bike ride
This summer has been amazing and busy. It is hard to believe it is September. Corbin is already 6 months old and is rolling all over the house. Everyday that goes by I love him even more, it is amazing being a mom. We said good buy to the mini last weekend and Matt strapped the car seat into the mustang. I have had this car for 16 years and now I am going to finally have it has my daily driver. I can say that when it was being built I never planned on how a car seat would fit into it but so far so good, I can even keep a stroller in the trunk. We traded our kayaks for mountain bikes since they are more little people friendly and as always have been working on the house. It has been a great summer!!