Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bathing suits and blooms

Well I have to say that the gardening bug has hit me hard this year and it is still winter! This past week when we had all the beautiful weather I spend most of my time in the yard getting it ready for compost. I was a little worried that this year I would be able to do as much since I am pregnant but I have to say I think I am enjoying it more! This year I am not in such a rush because I know I can only do so much. I even had bought seeds and normally that is not my cup of tea but this year I can't wait to start them. Matt and I were going through pictures of the house the other day and I found these of my garden. I can't wait!
Yesterday I had a friend recommend deep water aerobics, she is also pregnant and said it does wonders for her. So I braved Target looking for a bathing suit. I haven't found a suit that I have felt good in in a few years so I was a little scared looking for one when I am almost 5 months pregnant. But yesterday the stars were in a line for me because not only did I find a suit, I actually laughed and smiled when I put it on. Did I mention that this was after a huge lunch with Melissa and I still loved the suit. It is a 2 piece but the top comes down to my hips, black with white poke a dotes and then a little ruffle. Yes a ruffle only about an inch long that shoots out and looks so cute with my pregnant belly, slightly ridiculous but just enough!
Water aerobics was amazing, we are in the deep water and you have all these floaty things strapped to you. It was a great work out. Imagine having water wings strapped to you ankles, they want to float to the surface so you have to work the whole time to keep them under the water, then jog around the pool...great core work out!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

V-day Weekend

Matt decided that he was going to surprise me for the weekend and take me on a bus trip! But since he had been working on the bus non stop for the past few weekends I kind of figures it out. Also Matt and I are really bad about surprises...they never last! We left on Friday as soon as Matt was off of work. The weather was crazy as we drove to the ocean the wind kept throwing the bus around the road and the rain was so bad we could hardly see! We kept looking at each other laughing and saying what a great weekend it was to go to the ocean. I have never been to Long Beach before that I know of and I have to say it is beautiful! We grab dinner in was horrible! By the time we found out campsite it was dark and kind of spooky. We ended up finding one and hunkered down for the night. We were really close to the ocean so we could hear it all night, which was kind of nice. The crazy wind and rain that shook the bus most of the night was another story, but we slept well. It actually always amazes me how good we sleep in the bus because at home we both tend to toss and turn. Maybe it is the 30 year old piece of foam we sleep on :) Anyway when we woke in the morning we knew that after a night like that we could take the bus pretty much anywere anytime of season...well maybe not in the snow!
Matt made an amazing breakfast like always, the tummy was happy. As we drove back into town we noticed that most of the main street was blocked off. We stopped and grabbed some hot chocolate for Travis's sister in laws coffee shop (super cute) to find that a policeman had been shot and they were still looking for the guy, who was on foot! Can we pick the best weekends to go somewhere or what. It was cold, windy and rainy, the bus has so much moister in it we were constantly squeegeeing the windows and now there was a crazy guy on the loose with a gun! But when this is your well needed weekend together all you can do is smile. Oh one other slightly funny think, well kind of, I packed all of the bus for the weekend. This was my first time doing it all by myself which is a lot of work. Normally I have lists and I am very organized but I am pregnant so if i forgot something oh well. As we were driving Matt would ask do you bring this or that I would smile and say no. Well on Saturday morning we figured out one thing that really should of got packed...Matts coat! But we still kept smiling! We left Longbeach that day and drove along the Columbia river and headed home.

Oh this was a Historic Covered Bridge that we found along the way. All I could think is Beattlejuice,Beattlejuice,Beattlejuice,!

Monday, February 8, 2010

15 weeks

What a fun week I have had, I found out on Wednesday that I have shingles! Yuck! And there is nothing they can do because I am pregnant. So Matt jumped online and found all the things that I am not suppose to eat(everything that tastes good) and I have been having accupuncture. I have to say that it is starting to clear up. I have another acupuncture appt this morning so I am hoping that I am good to go for this weekend.
We out the baby's crib together and started to put the room together. We still need to paint and put in a closet but it was fun to start to get a feel for the room. Oh and the quilt I made for the babys bed fit perfect. About a month ago I was going through pretty much everything and found the start of a quilt that my pink grandma made. All the patch work was done it just needed quilted. I had never done anything with it because it was long and narrow, but folded in two it made a perfect baby quilt. I kind of feel like it is a present from my pink grandma for the baby. It makes me feel like she is still part of things because I know that even though she is not here she is still excited for the baby. Oh and I love the colors of the quilt, our babys room is going to be very colorful and hopefully a little crazy. I can't wait for you all to see it!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

14th week

Our baby! Matt and I went to my Midwife appt yesterday and we got to hear the heart beat and see the baby. It is amazing to see how quickly the baby is growing. I feel like every day my stomach is getting bigger. And I am happy to see that there is a baby in there. Sometimes I wonder, am I pregnant or just getting really lazy and chunky:) I wish I could of taken a picture of Matts face when the baby was on the screen. He got the biggest smile, it makes me want to have my camera ready as soon as I have the baby so I can get that first look on his face when he gets to see the baby. Matt got to meet Nancy finally, she is my midwife and will be delivering our baby! She asked him if he want to catch the baby as it is delivered, he is not sure about it which is good because I am not sure about it either. I guess we will have to both be in the moment to decide that one. I am thinking we will have our baby at her birthing center, she has a bigger bath tub than us, but I still really want a home birth...maybe for baby #2. I want to say thank you to all the people who have held back and not touched my stomach. And I have to say my reflexes are getting pretty good...I can jump back pretty quick!