Friday, October 30, 2009

Chocolate Chocolate Frosting!

I had to share with you the super yummy frosting I made this morning. We are having dinner with friends this evening and I get to bring dessert, who would of thought:)
I recently was giving a Kichen Aid mixer as a gift and it has open my world up as far as cooking. For all of you who have been doing this for years will laugh but I am truly in aw! Butter, powered sugar, coco powder and a little half and half. Amazing! I think Matt is a little scared because I am always making sweets. Thankfully we have family close because I normal bring a little to everyone.The other crazy this is that I am actually enjoying it! Now I need to learn how to cook veggie style and start to actually eat veggies...not as much fun.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good News!

Good News is always better on top of an Ice cream cake!

And yes, the cake does say "Congratulation on your tumor not growing!" We even sang to her as she cut the cake! I know, super goofy. We all have had such a rough year that when we do get good news we can finally exhale and have a good time.
Yesterday Shelby had her second scan since she finished her 6 1/2 week hardcore treatment of radiation,chemo and this other stuff that turned her green! Now she gets a scan every two months to see if it has grown back. So far so good. She still is having take chemo pills 5 days a month. Which is not as easy as it sounds. She is still sick most of the time, but as you can see she still has a smile on her face!
Thanks Mom for the home made dinner! It was super yummy. And it doesn't matter were the pizza dough came from, its the thought that matters. You are always there for us to make our lives special...Thank You!
P.S. I got to talk with Miss Emily Rose for about 3 seconds yesterday! Em it was so good to hear your voice. I can't wait to be able to talk with you longer :) Miss you!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


This past Tuesday I got to take Danielle Halloween Costume shopping. I was hoping that once we were out I was going to be able to influence here costume desion. She wanted to be an angle, I had to laugh because anyone who know Danielle knows she is No angel. Super cute, smart, too smart some times, lots of fun, high energy, but angel...No. I could totaly see her in a devil costume and when we were out at the store she actually pointed to a devil costume ( my finger were crossed) and she said "that's what Shelby wanted me to be" but no she didn't want it :(
So can you guess what we ended up with.... a princess costume, who would of thought, just like last year. I was so sad, I wanted to make her something really cute so she would be warm and look so cute and most important would have the same costume as every other 5 year old! But this is one way that Danielle and I differ. So now I have to try and figure out how to keep her warm since her costume is made out of super super thin material. I told her she had to wear a jacket with this costume but we will see how it goes...again its Danielle. So she will be my sweet little girl who listens until she gets some candy in her system. And then Matt and I will look at each other with fear in our eyes and hope she doesn't explode till we get her home.
This is the second year that Matt and I get to take her trick or treating. Last year we went to 1 house. I spent all day getting her ready and we took her to the first house (my uncles were she has been many times) and she was screaming before we got to the door. We are hoping it goes better this year.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Puffy update

Poor Puffy. This past Wednesday it was a week since our new baby kitten split soy wax on himself. We had one of those warmers were you put the yummy smelling soy beads in it and it warms them and poof your room smells amazing. If you have one with pets or little kids "Please" put it away!!! We had ours in a corners, we have had it for 3-4 years no problems. Then the other night Puffy knocked it over and got it all over himself. Bad news! His whole left side was covered, of course I freaked out. He was pulling the waxedup hair out and bleeding. I wrapped him in a towel and he would purr then cry. We tried removing the wax....didn't go so well. So he was all wrapped up for the night and got to sleep in the cat carrier. I felt horrible.
The next morning I didn't know what to expect? I opened his cage and he acted like nothing was wrong. So I decided to keep an eye on him for a couple of days. And he has been fine until today. Well he was even fine today still chasing the other cats around, eating like a pig but today the hair stared to peel off :( I was going to take a picture and decided against it. Gross, really gross. Instead Matt and I took Puffy and all the pieces fall off of him to the vet.
They had to put him to sleep and remove all the hair and old skin :( And they suggested getting him fixed too! So now he is half shaved and no long a man! Poor Puffy. I got a goody bag to bring home of all the drugs, antibiotic and bandages that I get to be in charge of! I guess I can cross of working at a vet of my list of poss jobs that I one day might want!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I had to share some pictures of my super cute niece. Or my soon to be niece :) She is getting so big and is quickly becoming one of my favorite people ever. It is so much fun to be able to watch a little person grow.
These pictures were taken this past Sunday at our friends birthday party. Sophie loved the balloons! We were all scared that it would pop, she has 2 whole teeth that we are very proud of!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Emily just for you!

emily sorry it has taken so long. i know she is already in her house but better late then never. miss you lots sis

Saturday at the track

We did it! We spent the night in our bus when it was super cold. And it wasn't to bad. Well I should say that once we were lent a heater it wasn't too bad. Thank you Mr. Holt you are now one of my favorite people in the world for another reason!

But back to the track, I had to work till 4 so I actually missed all the racing :) Score! We had good drinks and yummy food. Thank you to the Eldridges and Holts for always making us feel part of the group. And for feeding Matt through out the day :)

Oh and yes the weird picture with the hat is me. I had a hardcore facial (vi peel) and would not let anyone take pictures of me but this one. And no I wasn't walking around like this :) Becky made me do it!!!

One last thing, I had forgot how much fun it is to take not great but fun pictures with my little camera. I am putting away the big camera for awhile, to try to remember why I started taking pictures in the first place. It is kind of hard not editing any of my pictures. Cropping, color correction, sharpening, layers that is what my life with pictures has been about. So I am taking a well needed break. I am now try to focus on taking fun picture, with bad lighting or out of focus. Mostly just having fun! Which as you can see I have a good start at!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


We are heading to the track this weekend and yes I am excited! If only we knew that having our VW bus would make things so much fun. I keep forgetting that there is going to be a race going on. Matt keeps talking about cars? and I keep thinking girl friends and good drinks! Oh and yummy food, who needs cars?

New Blog!

So, yes I have a new blog. I deiced to take down the photo one and just have fun! I hope to share more in this blog. thanks