Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I can't believe that it is already December! I would love to say that we have been busy with getting the house ready for the baby but Matt has hurt his arm so I am still without a bedroom and the baby room seems very far off. I am trying not to worry, tell myself that both of those rooms are wants and not needs...but it hasn't taken yet:) I would love to be putting his room together, he already has so much stuff!
My swelling reach an all time high last week where I could not close my hand, which makes my job (cleaning little kids teeth) kind of hard. So I gave my notice and this Thursday is my last day of work. I am very excited to get into a new routine, so I am trying to embrace my new title of stay at home wife...homemaker...I don't know why but those all make my stomach feel sick. So I will have to think of something more fitting.
The baby is now big enough and strong enough that when he moves my stomach moves too. I love the feeling of his kicks but I have to say the full body rolls are going to take some getting use too because they kind of gross me out. We have not settled on a name yet either. Matt likes to come up with really crazy names that we would never choose so the picking of names is going slow. Also I kind of feel like I need to see him before I can name him.

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  1. What about entrepreneur (SP?) You are totally venturing into a new relm of life!!!! And I am thinking you will be pretty darn successful in this venture ;)