Thursday, September 1, 2011

summer 2011

Just got out of the pool, air drying

Taking a bath

This is what Corbin does on our bike rides, sleeps in his little trailer

Not sure how he did this

I love this, even though he dosnt look like he is enjoying the pool he loves it

On a walk with Ashia, Hailey and Maggie

At the zoo with Danielle and Grandma

Before a bike ride
This summer has been amazing and busy. It is hard to believe it is September. Corbin is already 6 months old and is rolling all over the house. Everyday that goes by I love him even more, it is amazing being a mom. We said good buy to the mini last weekend and Matt strapped the car seat into the mustang. I have had this car for 16 years and now I am going to finally have it has my daily driver. I can say that when it was being built I never planned on how a car seat would fit into it but so far so good, I can even keep a stroller in the trunk. We traded our kayaks for mountain bikes since they are more little people friendly and as always have been working on the house. It has been a great summer!!


  1. You would think you are a proud Mama or something? And an amazing photographer at that? Love all the pics! He is getting so big! Can you believe Summer is almost over? Keep the pics and updates coming we love them! But not as much as the real thing! We should get together soon!! Meet me in the parking lot at Bartel's! LoL