Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Baby news!

I am ready to share some big baby news! But, I want you all to keep an open mind :) And know that I would NEVER put myself or our baby in harms ways. I have decided not to have our baby at a hospital and instead have our baby in the comfort of our home. Ok remember breath...it is safe. I will have a nurse midwife with me the whole time who will also deliver the baby. I am meeting with a midwife on Thursday morning. She has been doing this for the past 30 years and has delivered over 4,000 babys. I am so excited to meet her! She has a website with lots of great info www.lakesidebirthcenter.com There is also a great documentary called "The Bussiness of Birth" this is were I first got my info on home births. So as long as everything goes good with my pregnancy, this is how I will deliver our baby. Also Matt is completely ok with this, I have books all over the house about it. I know it sounds a little strange but I am really excited about it. The idea of having our baby at the hospital freaks me out...totally. All those tubes they hook up to you and all the people that are running in and out of your room. Not my cup of tea! I am planning on relaxing in between my contracts or try :) Listening to good music and sitting in a tube of warm water...so much better:) I might even deiced to have the baby in the midwifes bithcenter, it is beautiful. She has lots of pictures on her website. Please check it, I think it will ease your mind.


  1. This is totally cool. I was telling Aaron the oher day, that this is something I could never do, it scares me like the hospital scares you! I'm happy you are so happy with your choice, you will do great. Oh and FYI you don't have to have any tubes/IVs in the hospital, and there aren't people running in and out of your room either,LOL. our births were super relaxed, and with my first I didn't have an IV hooked up at all. I had one in my wrist just incase there was and Emergency but no tubes, oh and I was able to be in the bathtub has much as I wanted!!! I think sometimes shows and movies scare people and make it look extreme!

  2. Hi Steph, That sound like you.Cool!!!!!!!! If you need help with anything let me know. Like I would know what to do. HA HA. I can't wait to hold little Kelly HA HA. Love you.
    Aunt Kelly