Tuesday, February 2, 2010

14th week

Our baby! Matt and I went to my Midwife appt yesterday and we got to hear the heart beat and see the baby. It is amazing to see how quickly the baby is growing. I feel like every day my stomach is getting bigger. And I am happy to see that there is a baby in there. Sometimes I wonder, am I pregnant or just getting really lazy and chunky:) I wish I could of taken a picture of Matts face when the baby was on the screen. He got the biggest smile, it makes me want to have my camera ready as soon as I have the baby so I can get that first look on his face when he gets to see the baby. Matt got to meet Nancy finally, she is my midwife and will be delivering our baby! She asked him if he want to catch the baby as it is delivered, he is not sure about it which is good because I am not sure about it either. I guess we will have to both be in the moment to decide that one. I am thinking we will have our baby at her birthing center, she has a bigger bath tub than us, but I still really want a home birth...maybe for baby #2. I want to say thank you to all the people who have held back and not touched my stomach. And I have to say my reflexes are getting pretty good...I can jump back pretty quick!


  1. Oh No! I am a stomach toucher!!!!!!!!
    He or she looks beautiful! Can't wait!
    I'll try not to touch. I loved it! It
    made me beam to know my little one was
    getting all that love........

    Take Care


  2. Hi Steph and Matt, See it looks like a Kelly to me. Ha Ha. Can I go with you when you have your baby I will catch him. So when will you find out if it is a boy? Call me if you need anything. Love you Aunt Kelly

  3. YAY! I can't believe you guys are FINALLY going to have a baby! Ha, it made me laugh when you said "catch the baby". Like its going to come out shooting down the halls like in Big Fish... I love you guys and miss you like crazy, and lucky you guys- i'll be home just in time to be there!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  4. our special baby is so beatiful,we can hardly wait,if u need anything were here for u.love,dad & mom