Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bathing suits and blooms

Well I have to say that the gardening bug has hit me hard this year and it is still winter! This past week when we had all the beautiful weather I spend most of my time in the yard getting it ready for compost. I was a little worried that this year I would be able to do as much since I am pregnant but I have to say I think I am enjoying it more! This year I am not in such a rush because I know I can only do so much. I even had bought seeds and normally that is not my cup of tea but this year I can't wait to start them. Matt and I were going through pictures of the house the other day and I found these of my garden. I can't wait!
Yesterday I had a friend recommend deep water aerobics, she is also pregnant and said it does wonders for her. So I braved Target looking for a bathing suit. I haven't found a suit that I have felt good in in a few years so I was a little scared looking for one when I am almost 5 months pregnant. But yesterday the stars were in a line for me because not only did I find a suit, I actually laughed and smiled when I put it on. Did I mention that this was after a huge lunch with Melissa and I still loved the suit. It is a 2 piece but the top comes down to my hips, black with white poke a dotes and then a little ruffle. Yes a ruffle only about an inch long that shoots out and looks so cute with my pregnant belly, slightly ridiculous but just enough!
Water aerobics was amazing, we are in the deep water and you have all these floaty things strapped to you. It was a great work out. Imagine having water wings strapped to you ankles, they want to float to the surface so you have to work the whole time to keep them under the water, then jog around the pool...great core work out!


  1. I want to see you in the swimming suit. Now you can come ove this summer with your baby and play in the pool. I can;t wait until summer, I am so ready for it. My bulbs are coming up. Your next photo should be of you tummy, I can't wait to see you. Gene is coming over for this weekend but I am staying home to take care of the dogs and cats and Bill's dog. Love you Aunt Kelly

  2. Bathing suits and blooms! What a combo!
    It has been an amazingly mild winter.
    Seeds are my thing; so this last week-end Carla and I went to lunch, then the nusery.
    She bought plants and I bought seeds. I planted carrots, lettuce, spinach, garlic, shallots,radishes, onions, potatoes and lots of flower seeds. All the weeding is done, the tulips and daffidols are blooming. The helleboris are blooming and everything is budding! Love it!!!! I can't remember a year
    when this could be done this early. February
    is usually sweet peas and that's it for me. I
    hope we have a summer like last year! That would be the icing on the cake.
    See you next Saturday. Can't wait.

    Love Auntie Timi

  3. steph, your garden looks so good,looks like it should be in a magezine . your tummy is so cute every time u walk in the door im always looking at you tummy first. love ya sis love mom