Monday, May 31, 2010


As most of you know Matt and I love old stuff, we love hunting for it at garage sale, antique stores, an sometimes the garbage. Well this past weekend we went to a 50% off sale at the salvation army in Seattle. MAtt was so excited he made sure we were there 30 minutes before it opened and we took the VW just in case we found something big. I had to tease him a bit because he was in such a hurry. I was sure that no one would be there waiting to get in, I was wrong. We ended up being 3rd in line of about 50 plus people...crazy! It was cold and raining too. And the people in line, it was hard not to stare, there was a little Old lady two people behind us who was chewing . I was wondering what Matt had got us into. I have to say it was all worth it because I finally got my copper pot that I have been wanting for a few years. We have found them in the past but I would never pay the pretty penny people want for them. Now for the amazing part, when I found the copper pot it did not have a lid on it and I was fine with that. After a few minutes Matt and I separated to look for our own treasures. Matt always hits the weird section , random stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else in the store so they stick it in a pile in the back. Well it paid off because he found the lid, when were both stunned! When we were leaving a lady came up to us and was going to tell us about the lid till she saw we had it but she said that the pot had been here for a really long time but the lid just came in YESTERDAY! I know, I am way to excited about this, but still wow!
Lets see what else, Matt and I are in the process off revamping our bikes. That is a pictures of my seat with the S on it, sooo cute. No cool story about where we got it I found it on ebay. I do have to say it was the first time I won anything on ebay, so that made me happy. Oh and my crazy quilt. I love crazy quilts, I have one that I got a few years ago that I use all the time. Well my mother in law Kelli also knows this. Last weekend we ran into Kelli at the store and she told me she had seen one that day in Issaquah so the 3 of us headed to get my quilt. The fun part of that story is that we took the bus (Matt drove) and Kelli and I took tequila shoots on the way there and on the way back. No one can call us quitters either because we finished the bottle, well minus 2 shots MAtt had. I can put that one on the list of things that I never thought I would do. I am not a tequila fan but drinking a bottle with my mother in law. We had so much fun but again I never thought it would happen.


  1. Hi Steph, I love the pot, I also have been looking for one but like you said everyone want to much money for them. Also love the quilt. You and Mwtt will have to go to Cashmere fair grounds on June 12th they have an auction every year. Matt will like all the trucks, cars and equipment outside and in side they have old stuff from all over. I love going to it, Gene and I have gone to it for the last 4 or 5 years. This years we will be missing it because Gene made plans to go see some friends that day. I told him that he needs to call them and tell them we will come a different weekend. I really want to go to it because I find some neat thing and it sells really cheep. I will be coming over June 25th for the cancer walk on the 26th I hope to see you and Matt. You and Matt need to plan a trip over here it is getting nice and I have the pool all cleaned out for you. This weekend we didin't have anyone come over so Gene went fishing every morning and I slept in then got up and worked in the yard and got all my flower pots planted. I am even growing sweet sugar snap pees this year. Call me when you have time. Love you Aunt Kelly

  2. Steph I love it! I love the bike seat...and the copper pot is to die guys are great treasure hunters, always something new and exciting...if that pot could talk it probably has some great stories! :-)

  3. If your looking for a good garden festival;
    the park by Aunt Dawn's house has an amazing one the 11, 12, and 13th. Pretty cool things for the garden. I go every year and always find cool stuff. They used to have antiques but I haven't seen any the last couple of years. But they have unique things and a b-b-q and corn on the cob. It's better if the weather is nice. Love you. See you soon.