Friday, November 5, 2010

Muffin Top Ankles

I am happy to say we are having another little boy. I was sure I was having a little girl and was happily surprised that I was wrong. Our little man weighs a whopping 1 pound 2 ounces right now and is quit the mover. We are not sure of what we are going to name him, boys names are harder for us. Matt has started coming up with some really crazy ones that make me laugh and then shake my head...some times no knowing if he is joking or not. The good news is is that we did figure out what we are going to be for Halloween next year! You have to get the important things out of the way first :) I am going to keep our costumes a secret till next year but I think we will be sending out a Halloween card with a picture.
Oh and yes I have Muffin top ankles. My legs have started swelling, the right more than the left and I have to say its not that fun. First off it looks really gross, I have a picture but don't think I will share it online. Second it freaks Matt out completely. He notice my foot had swelled one sunday, he kept looking at it and poking it like I had grown an extra toe. I kept saying it would be OK but he had that look on his face all day. Today when I was talking to Travis he reminded me that it was OK to have muffin top ankles because the Muffin top was the best part of the muffin.

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  1. Congrats on your new baby boy, Muffin tops and all! So excited for you two, now I can
    be shopping for that precious little guy.
    Love ya Auntie Timi