Sunday, November 14, 2010

Worm Bin

I must say that this is probably one of the strangest things that I have done in a while. This past weekend I finally put together my worm bin. I am still in the process of collecting worms because I need about a pound. I could go and buy the rest that I need but, I kind of want to use worms that I find. . why? I am not sure. Collecting the worms or "harvesting" them is my least favorite part. Matt has a board in the back yard that had fallen over and I have found that it is my prime worm hunting ground, all I have to do is go out a couple of times a day and collect. It is pretty easy, most of them are on top of the ground so I just scoop them up and put them in my bin. Sometimes the big ones are only part of the way out of the ground and so you have to pull on them pretty good and they are slimy ...not my favorite part. When this happens I normally try to get Matt involved in harvesting but since he thinks I am slightly crazy for having a worm bin he prefers to watch and laugh.
Now the reason why I have chosen to have a worm bin is for worm castings and fertilize with. A pound of worms can eat up to a pound of food a day, that is amazing. Matt and I like to compost most of our food but it never turns out so I am going to try a worm bin instead. This summer we plan on growing veggies so I am going to make our own worm castings. Also this is really good practice for having a little boy! I will let you know how it goes, I am hoping that none escape.

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  1. sis, i must say your right, but it will get u ready for your little boy for sure!! your going to have your dad come over to see . it was so neat feeling the baby kick the other night ,shelby thought it was so special to thanks for letting us touch your tummy, love u soo much cant wait for march! mom