Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wenatchee trip #1

This past Tuesday evening Corbin and I packed up the Mini and headed to Wenatchee where Matt was working for the week. The plan was to stay Tuesday and Wednesday night leaving Thursday after Matt got off of work. Corbin did great on the drive over and didn't make a sound.
Wednesday morning we got up and planned on hitting old main street where there was a coffee house I had heard about and a few other shops. Sunset magazine had just done a write up on Wenatchee, so I had some ideas as far as where to go. I got my amazing cup of coffee and we were off but not to where I was planning. We found a bridge that went over the train tracks and decided to follow it. It brought us to the prettiest park right on the river. This park is where we ended up spending most of the day. I found a bakery that had the some of the best food I have ever had. My sandwich was so pretty I had to take a picture of it.
That night we went to a quiet little Italian Restaurant that is my new favorite. Johnny and Becky even you would have been impressed!
The second day was a little hard because once I checked out of the room Corbin and I had no place to go so we headed to the park. Now I have
to say that I have made up with my mini and once again I love it but there are days were I wish it was slightly bigger, this was one of those days. To feed Corbin and be comfortable I had to put all the bags on the roof in the basket which was not so bad. That was until Corbin decided to poop his pants and I ran out of wipes and had to dig though all the bags to find the big container of wipes. Corbin on the other hand loved this part because as I ripped thought all the nicely packed bags he laid in the grass naked from the waist down enjoying the cool breeze on the warm day. He liked it so much I just let him lay like that till Matt met us at the park. The weather was in the mid 70s the entire time we were there it was a great couple of days.


  1. OK Steph now I am mad at you for not calling me or coming over to Moses Lake so I can meet your little man. I am about 1 hour and 15 minutes away. It is going to be in the high 70s this weekend. Next time you come over let me know and I can meet you. Love you Aunt Kelly
    I love Wenatchee

  2. Stephanie,
    I guess your mad at me because I don't see you on facebook anymore. I wanted to write you a private message but since I can't I will leave it here.
    I would never have erased you I was just venting. You really hurt my feelings and I know I hurt yours. But the point is if you would have asked me for anything from my yard even if I only had one I would have dug it right up and gave it to you. And that's just who I am and I'm sorry I expected that from you as we are all not the same. I thank you for that you did give to me, although I don't think you gave it from your heart and that's really the only way I wanted it. You are welcome here anytime if you ever want to come and I am truly sorry I caused you pain. Hope you can look into your heart and find forgiveness.