Sunday, April 7, 2013

My the Force be with Willaim Sonoma!?!

As our move date gets closer I am dreaming about how different our life will be at the new house. I am especially excited about the kitchen and I have been thinking about all the meals I will be preparing in there and the tools in which I will prepare them with. Most of my kitchen tools are in desperate need of an upgrade. I am not going to lie, I dream big. I told myself that I would save up and outfit my kitchen in William Sonoma, Le Cruset and have a new Sub-zero glass front fridge. Yes me, one of the most frugal people out there, who tries to buy most things second hand and when I do break down and pay full price I never truly enjoy my prize. I did have a plan, find the fridge second hand or one that needs fixed, buy a couple plates at a time and wait till things went on sale at William Sonoma. As I put my plan into action my husband started to sweat because he knows if I put my mind to something it will happen. He hopes my normal, frugal sense of mind would be stronger than this new crazy woman kitchen spending spree mind set. But you must indulge your self every once in awhile.  So as soon as I had the chance I was off to William Sonoma. Did I mention that I don't really even like cooking that much :) Well as I wandered around looking at copper pots and cast iron skillets I could feel my cooking skills getting better. That is until I actually pick up an idea to buy. I was planning on picking up an ice cream scoop for Matt, ours recently broke and Matt said he wanted a good one. This is where my dreams came to a crashing halt. I found one I thought he would like it was heavy and good quality but it was $27 DOLLARS! Yes, now you might laugh because an idea that is under fifty dollars burst my bubble but it brought me back to reality. I am proud of saving money were I can. Since I am a stay at home mom, every dollar I spend is time my husband has to be away from us, so I will stick to my dollar store spatula. Not to say a splurge here and there will not happen, especially when it comes to my Munchie. For Easter Corbin received Star Wars pancake molds and a spatula. They were well worth the money, we have used them a handful of time already. And if my crazy William Sonma cooking craze comes back I will whip out Corbin's R2-D2 spatula and whip up  something yummy!

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