Sunday, January 10, 2010

Anikin on the roof!

Matt and I just got home from kayaking, i am super sleepy and am in need of some food! MAtt comes in laughing and said grab your camera...hurry! As I am walking out of the house he keeps saying i dont know how this happened. Yes that is my indoor cat on the roof. He doesnt go out side, ever. Well i guess i can't say that anymore. So as i am snapping pictures of my cat I look down at my dogs who have little white things all over their faces. Cat claws! I am guess that the dogs wanted to play and Anikin wasn't having it since he hates the dogs. So he attacked both of the, Oscar the little dog got it the worst but Riley who weighs over 100 pounds also got it. Then the cat climbed the porch! All of them are ok now. I have taken all of the claws out of the dogs for some food

oh yeah I am 11 weeks today!


  1. That is sooo funny. And you even have proof!
    11 weeks, that's so cool. Jaime was talking to Em and Kelli last night on facebook. Sounds like they are having a great time. Kelli said I may never see her again! I know she couldn't stay away from her family that long.
    Take care

    Love ya

  2. Almost in the second tri, a few weeks to go! Yay, how are you feeling?

  3. Hi Steph, that is so funny, wait until you have kids and see what they get into. I love the photos, you do a great job. So how is our little baby doing? Are you getting sick and have you ate any meat? Call me if you need anything. Love you Kelly
    P.S. Please tell Shelby that her wed site will not let me post anything.

  4. Holy Cow!! Those are claws? That crazy cat!! LOL I love it! I love all your kids! Especially feeding the boys cheerios! LoL I can't wait to meet your next Child!! LoL My cold is almost gone so give me a week and we will get together! Big Hugs ~ but no belly rubs! :-)