Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I was told that once I was pregnant that I would start to Nest. Wanting to fix the babys room, so it just right. Well, I have no babys room yet, so the rest of the house is getting it. Matt is freaking a little because he loves to save everything. I tease that he was born during the depress. But I have already taken 4 car loads to the Goodwill and I have to say it feels good. Matt has put in 2 closets so far(our house had ZERO before, really zero) so it is my new goal to actually be able to find the things I want to find. I know, crazy! Oh another cute thing about Matt, we went through his clothes, he has 3 times the amount of clothes that I do. And he keep getting more from work. As we were going throught her clothes he swore that he wore all this stuff,like I dont live with him and see what he wears :) So now he will come down stairs in clothes he has not wore in years, really years. And I have to laugh because I know he does want to wear those pair of jeans he has about 5 other pair he likes to wear when working on thing. He just cant stand to get rid of them so he wears them with some gross car t-shirt that will end up in my next bag to the Goodwill.
Also I had to share the picture of the shoes we just got them in the mail, from my Grandpa and Joannie. And Sophie really isn't eating that piece of pizza. I had to beg Cory, wash my hands twice and take the picture really really quick, I promised. I love taking pictures of her doing crazing things and then send them to Tanya while she is at work.


  1. I must have those shoes for Ezra! Those are the cutest things I have ever seen. I love the color. Good for you for cleaning everything out, I'm like that all the time. I would throw away everything if I could, I hate clutter!

  2. I just had to laugh at that picture of Sophie and then read that you sent it to Tanya while she's at work! She must get a kick out that!!!!!!
    Glad your doing well. When you get that heater in
    the bug you better get up here and see us!!!!!

    Love you
    Aunt Timi