Friday, March 5, 2010

Dead Things In Tight Places!

Yesterday around three I thought to myself, Yeah we don't have to do anything tonight...we can just relax! Well that did not happen. As soon as Matt got out of school he let me know that his Moms house had a horrible smell in it and he had to climb under the house to see if there was something dead under it, fun! Since he would be home for at least 40 mins Kelli came to our house to breath some fresh air. As soon as Matt got home we head to Kellie's smelly house. And did it smell! Wow, as soon as we got there we started opening windows and Matt suited up. Did I mention that Matt hates climbing under house, especial if he is looking for something dead! I tried to get one of the other brothers over for some support for Matt but all he ended up with was Oscar our little dog, and he wouldn't even go under the house. MAtt made it under and found it, a large super dead super smelly possum! And he was not happy about it. I finally got a hold of Andrew and bribed him to come help Matt.( I have to do a photo shot of his truck this weekend) The smell was so bad that you could stand by one of the foundation vents and catch the smell and want to puke! Oh and one other gross detail the possum was covered in baby flys! Yes you know what I am talking about and Andrew hates baby flies so we couldn't tell him about it so he would help. I know mean but Kelli has house guest coming over and you couldn't go in the house it was so bad.
Ok now I know that this part is a little mean but Andrew kept saying how Matt was such a baby because he wouldn't do this by himself so I don't feel really bad. As soon as Andrew and Matt go back to the possum Andrew saw the baby flies :) we could hear him yelling I think I am going to get sick. I know not nice. But still I had to laugh, I should say we because Kelli and I both we at the vent laughing. Shortly after they got it out, we lit candles in the house and ended our relaxing evening!

LIfe Hint: Make sure animals can not get under your house :)


  1. Ha Ha that is so funny! Seriously though I am surprised no one vomited including you!!!! Dead things are never nice to smell! YUCK!

  2. I feel Kelli's pain....a couple years ago..a "family" of rats...big and small...took us forever to find..John wore the same outfit Andrew has on! LOL Down to the color of gloves even! Love it!

  3. Such Trauma! I went home from Sofie's party with a daughter and baby pucking up PF Changs
    and had to stop at a hotel just to get out of the smelly car only to get sick the next morning myself!!! We won't be eating PF Chang's for a while.Party was fun and it was great to see everyone! LIFE!!!!!