Monday, April 12, 2010


So we went up to see the tulips on Saturday but I fell in love with this barn instead. But the flowers were pretty too!


  1. Beautiful Pitcure!...I' Love th Old Barn too!
    Tulips are pretty, but that Barn pItcure is Amazzzing!..I' Love La-conner and all the Antique store there and the Crazy Alpacas

    Love Ya,aunt Tara

  2. You went to the Tulip felids and didn't even come visit us? BOOO!!! j/k The photos are amazing, very pretty. Hope you had a wonderful time

  3. Ok! Good thing I was in Seattle or I would
    have been hurt! Your pictures are very pretty. Lots of amazing farms around that area. Ove you

  4. steph, what beatiful pictures,i bet you guys had a great time!we my love sis. love dad and mom

  5. Hi Steph, I love the photos, you do a great job. Well it is starting to get nice here so you and Matt need to plan a trip over to stay with us or you can camp on the other lot on the lake. Gene and I just took alot of wood over to it so you can have camp fires. So you never told me what you want for your Birthday, hope you had a nice day and got everything you needed or wanted. Love you Aunt Kelly