Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big hair and an orange wall

I found this picture of Matt and I last night. Wow that was a few years again, but I love it for so many reason. First look at how big Matt's hair is...and mine too, so much fun. But my favorite part is looking at were we where. Our kitchen, when it was still a boy house. Only car pictures on the fridge, having 2 refrigerators, there is one behind us too. There was a stack of tires next to that fridge but you can't really see them. The orange wall is not even there anymore! I love old pictures, this was taken almost 5 years ago!


  1. What a cute photo. I like your hair long steph, very pretty! Matt can keep his short though, it's not as pretty as yours lol!

  2. Love the Hair!...I' Love You with long hair
    But you allways look Beautiful and I' Like matts hair like that all spiked. HOT Pitcure!

    LoveYa, Aunt Tara

  3. You two are adorable no matter what. Matt has always been hot, since the day he was born. I would carry him around when we were out and everyone would say what a beautiful baby and I would say "oh thank you, isn't he?"

    Love you

  4. I love your hair long. But you both are HOT no matter what. The orange wall made me think of pink grandma cabinets. Did I ever tell you when I move in with Gene that he had a motor in his bedroom, yes a motor that goes in the real cars not a play one. Boys never grow up, the toys just cost more and get bigger. Time goes by so fast, I think of the time you, Gene and I was riding in the jeep going down Maple Valley highway and you singing in the back (loud) at the top of your lungs and your hair blowing in the wind. Everytime I would look back at you you would always have a big smile on your face. You still need to tell me what you want for you birthday. You and Matt will have to plan on a trip to Moses Lake, it is getting nice and I will start getting the pool ready for you so you can tan or burn. call me if you need anything. Love you Kelly