Saturday, September 18, 2010

Koch baby #3

Koch baby#1 - Sophia
Koch baby#2- Jude
Koch baby #3-to be named

I am happy to finally be able to talk about our newest addition to the family. The little one should be here around the middle of March. Matt keeps saying that this will be the best birthday ever because I am due March 9th and his birthday is the 11th. When ever I think of my due date I always think about how I told Tanya that I would never have a March baby! The whole Month of March is littered with family birthdays and I didn't want to add to it. At the end of the month we are always exhausted and wonder where all the time went. Well, never say never because I gave birth to our little man Jude on the 20th and now we have another March on the way (give or take) baby could always be early.

Ok back to the pregnant. I am 15weeks so I am in the beginning of my second trimesters. I was super sick up until just a couple of weeks ago. I haven't had any crazy craving but if something comes to mind that sounds good it stays there till I eat it. I am happy to say I have a baby bump that just keeps getting bigger. I always catch Matt out of the corner of my eye with a huge smile on his face at the end of the day when my stomach is the biggest. I don't know why but sometimes it just feel so good to push it out, especially at the end of the day.

Yesterday we had our large ultrasound. Normally it is at 20 weeks but since we have a higher change of what happened to Jude happening again we got ours at 15 weeks. It was such a stressful day. The hospital was running late and of course we got there early. I am not a patience person, I wish I was but it just hasn't happened yet. Now imagine waiting to see if you baby was healthy, sitting in the same room, same seats that we sat in only 6month ago...I was a mess. Matt and I both had had a long hard week and we hopping that that weight would be lifted soon.
After about 4 hours, having to go upstairs then down again, complaining to customer service and crying to the lady at the front desk we finnally got out results...healthy baby!!! My midwife is not on side so no one would give us the information we came for, they told us they would fax it sometime that day to my midwife, well my midwife was going out of town in 15 minutes...I really wanted a glass of wine. Needless to say the wonderful woman at the desk broke a few rules and all was fine, our baby is healthy. I am sad to say that that weigh is still there. I now know it will be there till Koch baby #3 is here safe in my arms, but I am ok with that:)


  1. Congrats Matt and Steph. Im so happy for you two. Can't wait to go baby shopping for Koch Baby # 3. Hope to see you and your cute little bump at Ezra's birthday party! Lots of hugs and prayers!!!

  2. I am so happy for the both of you and glad your baby is healthly. Call me if you need anything. Love you both Aunt Kelly

  3. steph & matt, im sooo excited to be a grandma, it was neat hearing the heart beat and seeing out beatiful little baby moveing around in your tummy when we went to your midwife on thursday, thakns for the invited ,now u need to bring your dad to!! we love u both , cant wait for march!! and when your next ultra sound to see what we are going to get a girl or boy , love u mom

  4. We can't wait for March, and to welcome your newest family member...You are two of the strongest people we know..and we love you both! We are so excited for you guys!!

  5. Congradulations,,, Matt & Steph.

    Steve & Dorlee

  6. Oh my gosh i am so happy for you guys. Now u made me teary eyed. Cant wait to see you guys. Dont forget I work for JCpenny and they have lots of cute baby cloths. So now I no what I will do on my lunch breaks lol.

  7. YAY!!!!!!!!!!
    Love you both.
    Can't wait to see you both at Jenn's!!!!!!