Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear Heartburn

Dear Heartburn,
Please, please go away. You have been visiting for quit awhile and I think that it is time to go. You go from zero to ten sometimes when I just have a glass of water and I am not enjoying it at all. I try to live by your new rules that you have put before me but you have to understand that my appitite and craving are not mine alone. There is a little person living within me that begs for midnight snacks, Mexican food and orange juice. I try to make you happy by having a container of tums in every room of the house, my car and in my purse but you still are unhappy. I have even moved on to liquid relief that I keep cool in the fridge but still you stay strong till late in the night. Its not that I want you to move on to someone else but maybe just maybe you could lighten up a bite...please


  1. Maybe the baby is going to have lots of hair,thats what some peole say anyway.
    wow i can not believe the size of those raqcoons.That would make me nervous to. Glad every things going good. I realy need to give your mom a call its been a while.

  2. LoL I love it!! I don't miss those moments! But at age 13 she gives us heartburn for all different reasons...so keep those tums handy!! Let's do dinner! Mexican? LoL