Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mini, Carseat, Tears

First off I have to say how sorry I am for not blogging in so long. I love reading my friends blogs and am always so sad when they have not posted in a while. I will try to be better.
So lets see where to start! This past weekend we decided to get the car seat installed into the mini, if only it was that easy. Matt came in to let me know that our car seat was not fitting very well and he wanted to take it over to Corys to see if he had any better ideas. After stuffing blankets under it in multiple positions, and strapping it down multiple times they came up with an idea of using dirt bike straps. They thought this was a pretty good idea until they saw the look on my face so we were off to Babys R Us to return our car seat. Did I mention that I am an emotional mess right now and cry all the time :) Once we arrived we were lucky enough to find out that you can actually bring the car seats out to your car to see which one fits the best. Our in our case which car seat you car fit in our car without turning it upside down to get it in and out. You might laugh but its turn Matt actually say you just have to turn it like this and it will come out fine(the like this he was talking about was completely on its side) So again I am in tears in the Bays R Us pregnant people parking area, did I ever think I would have such an exciting Friday night? We ended up find one that we both like and it fits but just barley. I have to say that the mini is not a great mommy car.

I also post of few shots of Corbins room, we have had a lot of fun putting it together. It is pretty random so it matches the rest of our house pretty well. We got the cute little toy box today in Seattle, Matt can't wait to fill it with building blocks. As far as the closet goes, who would of thought a little boy would need to much hanging room, there is also another section that has shelves with all his stuff I could fold. We are so luck I had the most amazing baby shower where I was completely spoiled. Everytime I walk into his room I think about how luck Matt and I am to have such amazing family and friends who were so completely generous with us. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!


  1. sis, it was amazeing baby shower family and friends really spoiled u , corbins room looks soo good, can hardly wait to meet my baby love u guys mom

  2. Wow, Blankets stuffed underneath the carseat and bike straps? not safe. Glad you found one that fits the car! I would be in tears too if my husband suggested any of those things, haha!