Saturday, February 26, 2011

Longest 2 weeks ever

I have been told that these next 2 weeks will be the longest ever! I have to say that I completely agree with that statement. I cannot wait till he is here!
As you can see I finally took some pregnancy pictures. These were not easy to take even though they are pretty simple, my wonderful husband actually snapped the shots. And yes that awesome jacket that looks like it was make out of a 70's couch is mine and I do wear it out in public :) Becky you can totally borrow it because I know you have always wanted one like it :)


  1. sis, you look so beautiful, matt did a great jobtakeing the pictures. the pictures got taken in just in time for our special littke corbin ,hes so perfect. love you so much steph, mom

  2. LoL How did you know that was my FIRST thought!! You are soo pretty, I love these pics!

  3. Hi Steph. They say pregnant woman have a glow and you sure have it. You are so beautiful. Tell Matt he did a great job.
    You have to bring that little boy over here so I can spoil him. sent me more photos of him please.Call if you need anything. Love you Kelly