Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend update

In an attempt to blog more, I have taken the iPad into the bath tub this evening. For me a bath is really the only thing I get to do without a million interruptions.  So I try to multitask as all moms do. This past weekend was full of good news and fun times. Saturday morning Matt took and passed a test he has been dreading to take! At the last minute Munchie went to my parents and I got a trip to the mall all by myself. I am happy to report that Lu Lu Lemon was not out of yoga pants :) I didn't buy any but had to check and see if the world was indeed ending. Later that night Matt and I actually got a date night and we stayed out till....10:30pm!!! Today we were given a tour of our new house by the current owners. I can not wait to move, and am hoping to have a closing date by the end of this week. Happy Sunday and here's to a calm and productive week.

Goals for the week
Drink lots of water
Use my new Bliss Yoga And meditation DVDs each morning

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