Thursday, March 3, 2011

Corbin James Kurt Koch

On Saturday February 26th, after a hot bath I decided that I was done being pregnant and it was time to be a Mom. I got out of the bath put on some makeup and fixed my hair. I got my crazy coat out and asked Matt to take my pregnancy pictures. After my pictures were done and while I was editing them Matt ran to the store to get the ingredients for my" Midwife Cocktail" that would hopefully bring on my labor. I drank my "Cocktail" just before dinner on Saturday and woke up with contraction at midnight! I woke Matt up around 2:30am to say we should start getting ready to leave. He jumped up and started running around getting things ready. As soon as the mini was warm we were off.
I have to say I think the Mini should get the award for the worse car ever to be in labor in. Normal I love the stiff suspension, hopping down the road and taking corners way to quick but as for a comfy ride, wow it sucks! The 45 minute trip to my midwifes house consised of me saying things like "slow down...PLEASE" while I was having a contraction and "Go through the light," " go quicker go quicker", "I don't care if we get pulled over" and my personal favorite "You have another gear USE IT" while I was not having a contraction. Yes I know, poor Matt...I don't know what I would do without him.
We got to my midwifes a little after 3 to find another baby being born there. Thankfully she has 2 rooms.... to be continued (new mommy is sleepy)


  1. I can't wait to meet the little guy!! He's adorable! I'm so glad you are both doing well!! He's beautiful...

  2. sis,we love our baby corbin so much!!!!!!
    dad & mom