Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good News!

Good News is always better on top of an Ice cream cake!

And yes, the cake does say "Congratulation on your tumor not growing!" We even sang to her as she cut the cake! I know, super goofy. We all have had such a rough year that when we do get good news we can finally exhale and have a good time.
Yesterday Shelby had her second scan since she finished her 6 1/2 week hardcore treatment of radiation,chemo and this other stuff that turned her green! Now she gets a scan every two months to see if it has grown back. So far so good. She still is having take chemo pills 5 days a month. Which is not as easy as it sounds. She is still sick most of the time, but as you can see she still has a smile on her face!
Thanks Mom for the home made dinner! It was super yummy. And it doesn't matter were the pizza dough came from, its the thought that matters. You are always there for us to make our lives special...Thank You!
P.S. I got to talk with Miss Emily Rose for about 3 seconds yesterday! Em it was so good to hear your voice. I can't wait to be able to talk with you longer :) Miss you!


  1. Thanks for the cake u guys :) and singing as well lol. i really appreciate it alot.
    love you

  2. steph, your frosting looks sooo good,i like the picture of the cake you and matt bought for shelby and yes home made pizza dough ha ha ,what it cost to make home made pizza we could of all went out for a nice dinner! steph love you more than the whole wide world. love mom

  3. Hi Steph, The cake looks really good, I wish I could have been there to try it. Baking and cooking is alot of fun and I am sure you will be great at it like your mom, grandma and great grandma and of course your aunt Kelly, HA HA. Love you Kelly