Sunday, October 18, 2009


This past Tuesday I got to take Danielle Halloween Costume shopping. I was hoping that once we were out I was going to be able to influence here costume desion. She wanted to be an angle, I had to laugh because anyone who know Danielle knows she is No angel. Super cute, smart, too smart some times, lots of fun, high energy, but angel...No. I could totaly see her in a devil costume and when we were out at the store she actually pointed to a devil costume ( my finger were crossed) and she said "that's what Shelby wanted me to be" but no she didn't want it :(
So can you guess what we ended up with.... a princess costume, who would of thought, just like last year. I was so sad, I wanted to make her something really cute so she would be warm and look so cute and most important would have the same costume as every other 5 year old! But this is one way that Danielle and I differ. So now I have to try and figure out how to keep her warm since her costume is made out of super super thin material. I told her she had to wear a jacket with this costume but we will see how it goes...again its Danielle. So she will be my sweet little girl who listens until she gets some candy in her system. And then Matt and I will look at each other with fear in our eyes and hope she doesn't explode till we get her home.
This is the second year that Matt and I get to take her trick or treating. Last year we went to 1 house. I spent all day getting her ready and we took her to the first house (my uncles were she has been many times) and she was screaming before we got to the door. We are hoping it goes better this year.

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