Thursday, March 18, 2010


We have given our little girl a name and it is Aurora. I am not sure where to start, with ever key I hit my fingers scream with sleeplessness. It has been a very rough week and morning always seem to be the worse. Our poor baby Aurora is very sick. We had our appt at the University of Washington and they were sad to say that she is actually worse than they thought and that she is not going to make it. She has a very severe heart and brain condition, she is also very small. Unfortunilty Matt and I don't have a lot of options on what to do. This weekend or tomorrow at 8:00am we meet with the doctors to go over a couple of things and then I will be induced. We will have our baby this weekend at the University of Washington a far cry from my midwifes bathtub. Now this was our choice for me to go through labor and deliver our baby. I feel that Aurora deserves a birth no matter how sick or tiny she is. And we have something to hope for, there is a small change that she will be born alive. We were told that even if she is it will not be for long, maybe a couple of minutes. But those preciouse couple of minutes are worth going through hell and back for. We have to take what we can get. After I give birth Matt and I will be able to hold her and spend as much time as we like with her no matter how things end up. Thank you everyone for you thoughts and prayers it means a lot to Matt and I


  1. I love you guys so much and this is heart breaking. I love her name.So perfect; a bright light in the night skies. What courage and grace you are handeling this with. Remember that God's ways are not our ways. He has a perfect place for your bright light waiting in the wings to be carried away to the brightest light that shines for all of us. He has given us the most amazing gift in his SON; where we will all one day get to see your shinning light Aurora.

    Peace be with you and your families.

    Love Aunt Timi and Uncle Jack

  2. Steph and Matt,

    Words can't describe how you must feel! Although it will be with much sadness and emotions beyond belief I would just say enjoy those moments you will have together as a family and remember she is yours forever! There is a plan although sometimes we wonder why there has to be so much pain involved! One of the things I would say to make sure and do is get her footprints and hand prints! Those are my most precious items from Hudson and they will mean so much to you as well! We love you all very much and I sure wish I could jump in the car right now! Hugs to you all!

  3. OOOooh Steph & Matt..I'm so Sorry..I Was so Excited about the little one..What a Beautiful Name..I' Do not know why these things Happen...all I' Can Say is Little Princess Aurora will Be Well Taken care Of! She will be with Grandma& Papa and You Know how they LOVED YOU!..they are Waiting Now and have ther arms all Open for
    Aurora ..She will be our Little Angle and Star..I' Love You Sooo Much and Can't Imagine what You Too are Going Through.
    Love Ya,Aunt TARa

  4. Steph and Matt
    I am so sorry about our little Aurora. I love the name you picked for her it is so perfect, our light and shining princess. Like Tara said pink grandma and papa will take good care of her until you meet again. You should put her with pink grandma and papa, I think that would be a great place for her to rest. You know that pink grandma and papa would love that. I think that is a great thing to do is get her hand and foot print to put in your beautiful garden. I can't imagine what your going through. I am here for you if you need anything. I want to be with you when you have her but I also know you and Matt need your time and space with your little Aurora. Call me if you need anything or just want to talk. Love you so much. Aunt Kelly

  5. Steph and Matt...

    I was so sad to hear about your little girl..I am truely sorry for your loss. Aurora is a beautiful name and I know she can feel how much love you both have for her. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow and will say a prayer for Aurora..Love you guys..
    Kelly, Todd and Kylie

  6. Matt & Steph,
    I am just heartbroken hearing about Aurora.

    "A Parent's Love cannot be measured by increments of time …an entire lifetime of love can be squeezed into a few brief miraculous moments when necessary…."

    I am thinking about you and praying for you.

    Love you,

    Your Cousin Lindsay

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your little girl...Aurora what a beautiful name...No word can give you the comfort of what you and Matt are going through Enjoy the time you have with her to the fullest I am praying for you and Her... Angel~

  8. Stephanie, I am so sick with heartache for you and Matt. Of course there are no words, but I want you to know how admirable you both are for how you are choosing to handle this. You have so much love and prayer being sent your way, and I hope there is some comfort that it - and the love between you and Matt - can provide. I'm so tremendously, and unbelievably sorry.

    My thoughts are with your whole family. You are the strongest people I know.

    -molly Spurgeon

  9. Stephanie & Matt,

    You are both in my prayers. I can't imagine the heartache you are both feeling. No words can take the pain away. Just know that there is a reason that God wants your little angel so soon. She will be watching over you and will always be in your hearts.

    God be with you both.

    Debbie Hutchinson

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  11. Steph and Matt, I got the call from your mom today about your little baby boy. I am so sorry, but I know your pink grandma and papa was waiting for him and they will take good care and spoil him like they did with you Steph. If I can help in anyway please call me. Love you Aunt Kelly
    I love the name you gave him.