Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Matt and my hearts have been broken, the rug has been pulled from under us and our heads are still spinning. Our baby is very sick. We now realize why they didn't want to tell us her sex. What we took as poor customer service was actually then trying to spare our feelings. My midwife called us on Sunday and we went to her house to get the news. I thought that I had received bad news before, it has been a rough year. But this actually took my breath away and I feel like I am still holding it. We have been referred to the University of Washington, where we will spend all day today. We get another ultra-sound and get to meet with a doctor who specializes in babys who have so much going wrong with them. I hope we get some answers today, it has been really hard not knowing what is going on. We don't even know what to hope for because we don't really know how bad or good things are yet. We will keep everyone as up to date a possible.


  1. steph and matt, we love you guys so much, were here for you, youll find out more information today and take one step at a time.love dad and mom

  2. Love you bugs. Praying for what God has planned in this event called life. But you are two of his most precious creations. So
    hang in there.

    Love you

  3. Hi Steph and Matt, I don't know what to say. I pray that everything will turn out good for you and the baby. I am here for you so call me if I can help out in any way. Love You Aunt Kelly

  4. Steph and Matt

    I' Heard the bad News from youre Mom Today,
    I' Sooo Sorry about the Baby...Love You Very much if I' can do anything let Me Know.

    Love U, Aunt Tara

  5. Steph, I can't think of any words that could possibly make you feel better. I just want to give you a giant bear hug, but I can't even do that. I may be thousands and thousands of miles away from you guys, but let me know if I can do anything. I haven't stopped thinking about this since you told me. There isn't anything I want right now than to be at home with you guys. I love you so much and I know you'll get through this. As my host mom has been telling me for the last two days, "sube el animo" or rather, "cheer up". Love Love Love

  6. Matt & Steph,
    Our prayers are with you in this difficult time. The Lord will hold you up as you imagine the tiny little cherub's surrounding the soul of your beautiful child taken to heaven, who you will see again in perfect form for all of eternity.

    We love you Jack and Timi

  7. I am so sorry. My heart is with you.