Sunday, March 21, 2010


We welcomed out baby boy Jude yesterday morning at 9:01am. He was 10 inches long and a little over 8 ounces. We did not get what we hope, but we were able to hold him as long as we wanted. Matt crawled into bed next to me and we just laid there for a while. I was able to go home from the hospital at 3:00pm. It is good to be home but also sad.


  1. Hey Steph. its Kim. We have been thinking about you guys nonstop since we heard the news. I have no words other than to tell you how sorry I am for your loss.

  2. matt & steph, just want u two to know how proud we are of you two, 23 hrs of pain and then having jude. your dad is so honored to have you name the baby after him and matts dad . time is the only thing that will help. the memory box is so special. we are her for you,we love you guys, dad & mom

  3. Matt & Steph,
    Your a family! What a blessing! And "surprise" a baby Boy lying in the arms of Jesus. No pain, no suffering; except for the famlies left behind, who one day will get to see him in a perfect light. And time is just a blink of an eye. So God speed as you move on and continue to build your family.
    We love you both and continue to pray for healing in your heart and souls.

    Love Jack & Timi

  4. Steph and Matt, I don't even know what to say. I am so sorry for your loss. I know jude is being taken care of. I wish I could have been with you but I know you two also needed your space. Call me if you need anything. When you two want to get away for the weekend or anytime, you are always more when welcome to stay with us. Love you Aunt Kelly

  5. Matt & Steph, We are so sorry for what you are going through..our thoughts are with you both...I know there is nothing that we can do or say to make it any better...but we love you both and we are here when you need us. Im so glad you guys got to spend some time with Jude. Our love to you both...and all your 4 legged therapy..they know don't they!